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Dear Visitors ,

Catalogs are only offered to our sole distributors for orders, please contact our distributors or their shops for retailing our products. We welcome you to be our distributors, please read the conditions hereunder:

  1. Hikosen Cara products are the wide range of cotton items including Garments, aprons, bags, zakka ( small items for various purposes) and home accessories. All of them are designed from Japan with special Cats and Dogs characters. We issue about 100 new styles with 10 colors every month. All brand names have already registered and designs are copyrights reserved.
  2. We only sell our products to sole distributors who can organize and control the brand name shops under Hikosen Cara in certain areas or whole country and satisfy the conditions agreed by exclusive contract.
  3. Except the countries where we had the distributors as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand,Canada,Malaysia, Viet Nam listed in the page of distributors, other countries are ready to contact for setting up a sole distributors
  4. For being the sole distributors, we need at least six months or one year to try market, during this time we consider as new sole agent, also we accept the small quantity orders to support the starting business. After trying period we will discuss and go into long term exclusive contract.
  5. For being the new sole agent we need the first trying order, it is the best if you can visit our factory in Viet Nam for further information and can see whole categories with wide range designs. Otherwise we also send to you our latest sketches of catalog for your orders but it will be limited the designs. After 1st order we will give you the username and password for your access full our mothly new catalog in our website: www.hikosen-cara.com.
  6. For futher information please feel free to contact with us if you have any question via email: phuocloc@hikosen-cara.com,or kimnga@hikosen-cara.com
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Welcome to Hikosen Cara. New color chart of Summer - 2018 collection and lovely designs of Summer 1 - 2018 have just updated. Please download to receive the new ones. Thank you very much.